Preview – Prime Suspect 1973

Stefanie Martini as Jane Tennison

Adapted from Lynda La Plante’s bestselling novel, Tennison, this highly-anticipated series set in 1970s Hackney about the early career of Prime Suspect detective Jane Tennison begins to develop its plot line and characters. Last week’s offering was a little lightweight but as the murder investigation is explored this shows some promise of developing into a decent drama.

Having discovered that Eddie was menacing Julie Ann before her murder, Jane (Stefanie Martini) seeks out Bradfield (Sam Reid) to tell him. Finding him drowning his sorrows in a local pub though, Jane takes the opportunity to break down some barriers.

The team also establishes that Julie Ann was last seen getting into a red Jaguar and Jane assists colleague, Kath Morgan, in tracking down the car. This leads them to Homerton Hospital Drug Unit where they interview receptionist, Teresa O’Duncie.

Meanwhile, with the name “Oz” keeping coming up in the investigation, the team start looking into who this mystery man is and how he fits into the case.

Prime Suspect 1973 – Thursday 9.00pm on ITV.