Preview – Prime Suspect 1973

Stefani Martini as Jane Tennison in Prime Suspect 1973

Hmm is this a symptom of Brexit? Here’s another drama cast back in time to when things were simpler and better, you know,  the good old days.

Call me a pedant but I wouldn’t have thought the Met in the early 1970s had very much to shout about as an institutionally racist, resolutely sexist force with a streak of corruption running right down its back.

Jane Tennison (remember Mrs Prime Suspect) gets the Endeavour treatment in this new prequel series as Stefanie Martini takes on the roll of the naïve yet determined probationary officer who must do her stuff answering the telephones, making teas and washing up before she can hope to be accepted by her misogynistic colleagues.

Adapted from Lynda La Plante’s bestselling novel, Tennison, the drama opens with the discovery of the body of a teenager in the underground car park of a housing estate.

Tennison’s superior DI Bradfield believes that the victim’s drug addict boyfriend is involved in the crime, tracking him down for questioning. However, despite Bradfield and DS Gibbs being convinced that he is hiding something, the interview is cut short when he (falls down the stairs/walks into a door) collapses and is sent to hospital.

It’s early days for this one and if it goes on to explore the Met’s corruption of the period it could work out well, however on the evidence of this La Plante’s Prime Suspect quintet was a much darker and intense body of work.

Prime Suspect 1973 Thursday 9.00pm ITV