Preview: Professor T


Episode 5: The Trial

Professor T conducts a series of lectures for his students detailing a high-profile court case in which a caretaker is accused of murdering his employer; the accused was found standing over the victim’s body and his fingerprints on the murder weapon, but Professor T is convinced of his innocence, bringing him into conflict with the CID team and DI Paul Rabbits as the investigating officer.

As Professor T persuades Lisa to go behind Paul’s back and help him try to prove his case, he starts to shine a different light on the prosecution’s evidence. Lisa tries to soften the blow to Dan of her upcoming promotion but only succeeds in making things worse. Adelaide agrees to Dr Helena’s request to take part in a joint therapy session with her son to try to help him understand the root of his hostility towards women, but conflict ensues.

Professor T – Friday at 9.00pm on ITV.