Preview – QI: Oddballs

QI Oddballs
Picture Shows: Alan Davies, Jason Manford, Sandi Toksvig, Victoria Coren Mitchell, Jimmy Carr. Image Credit: BBC/Fremantle Media/Talkback.

A general collection of oddities appear in this edition.

Victoria Coren-Mitchell, Jason Manford and Jimmy Carr join Sandi Toksvig and Alan Davies as they discuss the rules of pushball, how someone’s bare bottom helped Britain win the First World War, and the reason why you would take your mother-in-law to a lunatic asylum.

Speaking as QI’s official “Advanced Pedant”, I also happen to know of at least one thing in this show that is wrong. It seems that Alan is slightly mistaken about the reasons why Pike Dad’s Army failed to get into the army.

QI is on BBC Two at 22.00.