Preview – QI: Omnishambles

QI Omnishambles
Picture Shows: Alan Davies, Stephen K Amos, Sandi Toksvig, Josh Widdicombe, Cally Beaton. Image Credit: BBC/Fremantle Media/Talkback.

There’s no reference to The Thick of It in tonight’s show sadly, but there is still plenty of interesting info.

Sandi Toksvig and Alan Davies are joined by Josh Widdicombe, Cally Beaton and Stephen K. Amos as they talk about when it is cool to wet your pants, discuss the thing that is a little bit orange and very over-sensitive, and the most exciting thing you can do in a cupboard.

There is also an exciting experiment involving tubes, and we learn the correct way to open a car door.

QI is on BBC Two at 22.00.