Preview: Quacks

Picture Shows: William (MATHEW BAYNTON), Robert (RORY KINNEAR), Dr Hendrick (RUPERT EVERETT), Caroline (LYDIA LEONARD), John (TOM BASDEN). Image Credit: BBC/Lucky Giant/Todd Antony.

From the creator of Rev. comes a new sitcom exploring the world of Victorian medicine.

It was a time when doctors were just as likely to kill you as they were to cure you. The opening episode follows celebrity surgeon Robert (Count Arthur Strong’s Rory Kinnear), a man who can cut off a leg in just 92 seconds. After messing up one operation, he comes under scrutiny of bigoted Royal Physician Dr. Hendrick (Rupert Everett). Robert thus decides to take up an offer from anaesthetic-pioneering dentist John (Tom Basden) to take part in an operation using highly experimental and possibly lethal ether.

Also starring in the show are Lydia Leonard as Robert’s campaigning wife Caroline, and Horrible Histories star Mathew Baynton as psychiatrist (or rather “alienist”) William.

Quacks is on BBC Two at 22.00.