Preview – Quadruplets and Homeless

Quadruplets and Homeless

One Born Every Minute offers the heartwarming, cutesy side of the transition into parenthood, while tonight’s Quadruplets and Homeless explores the domestic reality of bringing a baby, or in this instance four, into the world when you have no house of your own.
That is the prospect facing Aynur and Tony who, after trying for a child together for 10 years, now have four and must move in with move in with Aynur’s supportive, traditional Turkish parents.

Aynur’s parents and Tony don’t always see eye to eye, but Tony’s determined to get stuck in and show his willingness and commitment to Aynur when their new arrivals are born. This modern British love story explores one family’s big surprise and the challenges they face, particularly given the fact that Tony struggles with alcohol.

Quadruplets and Homeless – Wednesday 10.00pm on Channel 4.