Preview – Race across the World

Race across the World
Picture Shows: (Standing L-R): Bindu, Jinda, Natalie, Shameema, Alex, Darron. (Sitting L-R): Josh, Felix, Sue, Clare. Image Credit: BBC/Studio Lambert/Andrew Hayes-Watkins.

This new reality show sees five teams travel across the globe, but without the aid of flight.

Five pairs are racing each other from London to Singapore. However, they can only use road, rail, and the helpfulness of strangers they find along the way. Their budget is the same as a one-way air fare to Singapore, at £1,300. Plus, they can’t use credit cards, smart phones or the internet to help them. They are all on their own (if you ignore the TV crews filming them).

Their first destination sees the teams trying to get to Greece, with varying degrees of success – one of the pairs doesn’t even get out of London by the end of the first day.

Race across the World is on BBC Two at 21.00.