Preview: Ranganation

The Ranganation

Romesh Ranganathan’s award-winning topical comedy show returns to BBC Two, bringing a dose of optimistic entertainment to the nation.

Romesh chats through the lighter end of the news spectrum with celebrity guests and his hand-picked focus group, The Ranganation – 20 loveable, outspoken characters who represent a cross-section of modern Britain.

This week, top comic, presenter and journalist Alex Brooker joins Romesh in the studio. Together they take a humorous look at the week’s biggest talking points, from front-page news to trending topics, helping the nation navigate their way through these tricky times.

Past discussions with members of the Ranganation such as ‘Small Town Girl’, ‘Never Voted’, ‘Technophobe’ and ‘Romesh’s Mum’, have covered such disparate areas as the existence of alien life and whether or not you should wash your legs in the shower, and given rise to the infamous Trousers Or No Trousers zoom game.

Ranganation – Sunday at 10.00pm on BBC 2.