Preview: Rape: Who’s On Trial?

Rape: Who's On Trial
Constable Mandy Claridge and Detective Constable Dale Morgan head the investigation into how police and justice handles this crime. Photo: Channel 4

TW: Sexual assault, harassment and violence

At a time when rape convictions are at a shocking all-time low, and scrutiny of the police has never been greater, this film, made over two years, has unprecedented access to the work of officers at Avon and Somerset Constabulary as they investigate serious sexual crime – from the initial reports to right through the criminal justice process.

 Made by an all-female team of producers, Rape: Who’s on Trial? follows four separate investigations and includes remarkable testimony of women prepared to speak openly about their experiences. The film also asks challenging questions of Deputy Chief Constable Sarah Crew, who also acts as the national lead for rape crime. 

How do her officers deal with blurred lines of consent? Why are conviction rates so low? Why do so few women report these offences? And what can be done about the the myths and stereotypes around these crimes? This hard-hitting film sheds light on the reality and challenges faced by the police and victims in securing convictions.

Rape: Who’s On Trial – Monday at 9pm on Channel 4