Preview – Reggie Yates: Searching for Grenfell’s lost lives

Reggie Yates

The BBC’s Reggie Yates tells the untold story of the victims and families one of the biggest domestic tragedies since the turn on the decade; Grenfell Tower.

Film maker and broadcaster Yates visits those closest and most effected by the impact of the horrific fire in this one-off BBC documentary. Amidst the backlash and aftermath  – calls for justice, claims of conspiracy, accusations of social apartheid – of the tragic events of June 14th last year,  it’s easy to forget that there is still so much we don’t know about many of those that died, who they were and how they lived before the fire. The documentary aims to piece together the stories of those who perished in the fire whilke giving viewers a very raw and personal persepective on the catastrophic event.


Reggie Yates: Searching for Grenfell’s lost lives – Sunday 9:00pm on BBC2.