Preview – Reported Missing

Reported Missing

Last episode in this documentary series which follows the search for missing people. Tonight, 82-year-old man former paratrooper Archie, who lives with advancing dementia, goes missing triggering a full-scale land and air search.

Every two minutes someone in Britain goes missing and in spite of us being connected to GPS by our phones and other devices and the positioning of CCTV cameras in town centres, the work of the police in responding to the challenge of reuniting a family with a missing loved one is a race against time – especially in instances where the missing person is vulnerable.

As the police try to trace Archie’s movements, Sergeant Barry Evans’ first task is to work out why he has gone missing. While his colleague PC Geoff Moore’s job is to get as much information in as short a space a time as he can from Archie’s son Peter while being mindful that emotions are running high in the family.

As the hours tick by a neighbour comes forward with CCTV of potentially suspicious activity at Archie’s home address and the police begin to suspect foul play.

Reported Missing – Wednesday 9.00pm on BBC One.