Preview – Reported Missing

Reported missing

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare, your child’s gone missing – across Britain, people are reported missing every day. BBC One’s documentary Reported Missing, follows the stories of missing people with interviews from the families left to wait at home, and the police on the ground trying to find them.

In Darlington, 12-year old Joshua has gone missing after a row with his mum. Joshua has learning difficulties and often escapes to a superhero-fancy land making him an easy and vulnerable victim. As time drags on and night falls, Inspector Sarah Honeyman and her team to try to find Joshua and bring him home.

Also tonight police in Country Durham are on high alert when 13-year-old Katie disappears from home leaving behind a suicide note. All officers are immediately called into the search alongside a search dog and handler but budget cuts mean that helicopters are more thinly stretched than ever, and with the local one tied up on a firearms job, there is an agonising wait to try to get vital air support. PC Matt Gunby, whose job it is to wait with the family, knows it doesn’t get any more serious than this.

Reported Missing, Wednesday, 9pm – BBC One

Image: BBC