Preview – Requiem


The 4th installment of the paranormal- orientated drama; Requiem, airs on Friday night on BBC1.

Following the events of the previous episodes, still reeling from the big reveal at the end of episode 3 in fact, Matilda delves further into her investigation, following an unlikely lead in Laura. Since finding her claims of knowing a crucial detail in the investigation too enticing to pass up, Tilly agrees to meet Laura, despite being unsure whether she can truly be trusted – however this becomes something which takes a backseat after Maltilda starts experiencing black outs. Elsewhere Nick gets more disappointing financial news about the Dean estate following Meredith’s death and Graves notices some suspicious circumstances surrounding the discovery of Ewan’s body, prompting him to investigate.


Requiem (Episode 4 of 6) – Friday 9:00pm on BBC1 – The full boxset is available now on BBC Iplayer.