Preview – Requiem

requiem ep 5

BBC1’s Paranormal drama series Requiem, starring Lydia Wilson and Joel Fry,  returns this week off the back of the last week’s gripping ending, shifting the programme from the realms of reality firmly into the supernatural and paranormal – despite hinting towards the involvement of the latter in its earlier episodes.

This week, as things begin to converge towards the finale, expect to see alot of those niggling loose ends tied up or begin to be at least. Matilda – now backed by Graves and Kendrick – begins to question who she can trust following a warning from Laura that her life is in mortal danger. Hal, meanwhile, begins to reflect on his relationship with Matilda as things between to advance between him and Trudy. Elsewhere Kendrick makes a ground-breaking discovery and Graves begins to become suspicious of Ed and Aron’s role in the mystery.


Requiem (Episode 5) – Friday 9:00pm on BBC1 or watch the whole series on BBC Iplayer.