Preview – Ripper Street

Ripper Street

Naughty Mr Reid, you incorrigible devil, you! After hearing that arch enemy Jedediah Shine is now running his old manor as Detective Inspector (why anyone would appoint him in any legal capacity is probably best left unsaid.), Reid sent a message to rattle Shine’s cage and humiliate the toadying lickspittle, Frank Thatcher.

True to form, Shine puts his own ego ahead of official business and doubles his efforts to capture Reid (Matthew MacFadyen) and Jackson (Adam Rothenberg) – but is led a merry dance.

Meanwhile, Long Susan (Myanna Buring), never a woman to wait for men to complete their business, engages an old friend to gain access to the Hackney home of Augustus Dove, and get one step closer to reclaiming her son.

Ripper Street – Monday 9.00pm on BBC2.