Preview – Ripper Street

Ripper Street season 5 Matthew McFadyen

Ripper Street has had a troubled life, much like many of the citizens of the old East End around whom most of this murky drama swirls. The series got a good reception on the BBC when it first aired but was then spiked inexplicably one season on. The show was rescued along with its loyal fan base and brought to Amazon Prime but has once again been sold down the river – and this time, we are promised, is the end – so expect some resolution to the various character studies that keep the show ticking along. 

Season five picks up just a day after the murder of Bennet Drake (Jerome Flynn) and his once friends Edmund Reid, Homer Jackson and Long Susan are drawn together to bring to justice his killer – a new serial killer stalking the streets of Whitechapel.

They are hampered by one fact, they themselves are now hunted by the police for the extra-­judicial killing of Long Susan’s father Theodore Swift.

Seeking our heroes with a dogged persistence is Assistant Commissioner Augustus Dove. He must do all he can to capture Reid before he is able to reveal the truth to the world: the serial killer is Dove’s brother… Nathaniel.

Ripper Street – Monday 9.00pm BBC One.