Preview – Riviera

Irina (Lena Olin) in Riviera

Episode two of this Sky-commissioned thriller sees Georgina Clios (Julia Stiles) continue to unravel her late husband’s misdeeds.

Tonight, she is tipped off that Interpol are investigating money laundering and art forgery, but is still unwilling to accept her husband’s criminality. Well, that is until she learns he was in contact with an old acquaintance of hers who operates at the shadier end of the art world – Robert Carver (Hustle Adrian Lester).

Meanwhile, as the Clios Bank is on the verge of collapse following Constantine’s death, Irina strikes a deal with a prominent figure in the Riviera underworld, Jakob Negrescu. However, police inspector Karim Delormes also has an interest in Negrescu, as he suspects the crime lord is somehow linked to the yacht explosion.

Riviera – Thursday at 9.00pm Sky Atlantic & NOW TV.


Photo: ©Sky UK Limited