Preview: Riviera


Book your ticket to the sun-soaked playground of the rich and ruthless, as Riviera makes its highly anticipated return.

Julia Stiles returns as Georgina Clios – the smart and tenacious art curators whose life was thrown into turmoil after the mysterious death of her millionaire husband. Picking up in the immediate aftermath of the explosive conclusion to series one, a member of the Clios family has gone missing, and the blood is on Georgina’s hands.

Doing all she can to conceal the murder from her extended family, Georgina makes a turbulent return to the Riviera – only to find a sinister message waiting for her. Someone knows her secret. Georgina’s attempts to find the identity of her accuser entangle her with the Eltham family – an English dynasty with secrets of their own.

Riviera – Thursday 9.00pm on Sky Atlantic and NowTV.