Preview – Riviera

Julia Styles stars as

Julia Stiles plunges beneath the glamorous sheen of the Côte d’Azur elite in this 10-part thriller. Set against the exclusive backdrop of the French Riviera and created by the Oscar-winning Neil Jordan (The Borgias), the series is part compelling family drama, part high-octane crime series, giving viewers a first-class ticket to the opulent playground of the rich.

Stiles is Georgina Clios, the smart, resourceful wife of billionaire banker Constantine. She lives a privileged existence, curating and buying art, riding private jets, and mixing with the cream of the elite. But all that changes when Constantine is killed in an explosion aboard a Russian oligarch’s yacht, leaving Georgina to discover how little she knew about the man she loved and the world in which she lives.

Complicating matters are her extended family, Constantine’s formidable ex-wife Irina (Lena Olin), and emotionally complicated children Christos (Dimitri Leonidas), Adam (Iwan Rheon), and Adriana (Roxane Duran).

As Georgina’s previously flawless life begins to unravel, she embarks on a dangerous path to uncovering the truth about what happened to her husband.

Riviera – Thursday at 9.00pm on Sky Atlantic & NOW TV.

All episodes of Riviera will be available from 15 June exclusively on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV, and in Ultra HD with Sky Q.

Photo: John Wright, ©Sky UK Limited