Preview: Roads from Hell – Caught on Camera

Roads from Hell - Caught on Camera

A week before the next Bank Holiday when loads of us will be getting in the car and heading for the beach or other desirous destinations and Channel 4 serves up this doozy.

Jaw-dropping real-life footage, from the funny to the dramatic, shows exactly what can go wrong when we venture onto the roads. It’s a terrifying glimpse of incredible moments and utter, utter stupidity – from near-death crashes to angry drivers engaging in road rage, moped muggings, and some of the most frustrating and funny moments experienced by UK road users – all captured on cameras and phones and told by those that survived to tell the tale. Psychologists and industry experts also discuss the various anxieties that influence the situations that we can find ourselves in.

Roads from Hell – Caught on Camera – Thursday 9.00pm on Channel 4.