Preview – Robin Hood

Robin Hood

The popular tale of Sherwood Forest’s notorious prince of thieves, while perhaps not the historically-accurate period piece that some might expect, has new life breathed into it by Otto Bathurst’s heavily-stylized 2018 production, which is aptly named Robin Hood.

Taron Egerton heads up a talented cast as the iconic protagonist, Robin of Loxley, who returns from the crusades to find himself declared dead and his property seized by the despotic Sherriff of Nottingham, played by Ben Mendelsohn. Jamie Foxx and Tim Minchin become members of Hood’s merry-men as Little John and Friar Tuck respectively while Fifty Shades’ Jamie Dornan takes Will Scarlet in a different direction from the traditional story. Peaky Blinders’ Paul Anderson also features, alongside Eve Hewson’s Maid Marian and F. Murray Abrahams’ enigmatic Cardinal.

After being drafted into an out-going army headed to battle the Saracens during the third crusade, Lord Robin of Loxley finds himself disillusioned by the brutality of war and being discharged back to England having grown insubordinate of his commanders. Returning to Nottingham, Robin discovers his old life in tatters having been declared dead two years prior. Now nameless in amongst the masses of Nottingham’s oppressed peasants, Robin finds allies in unlikely places and hatches a plan to strike back against those who have wronged him and the tyrannical defacto leader of the city; the sheriff of Nottingham.

Robin Hood – Available now on Sky Store.