Preview – Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind

Robin Williams

“Those who seem the happiest, are usually the saddest”. This quote seems particularly apt for Robin Williams – a comedy legend who was responsible for countless laughs over his 20 year career and who was adored by children and adults alike. HBO’s Come Inside My Mind, exploring Williams’ career and eventual descent into paranoia and depression, provides a heart-warmingly intimate yet sombre insight into the life of a man who touched so many with his humour.

Almost four years ago, in August 2014, the entertainment world was rocked. Celebrated, larger-than-life comedian, Robin Williams, has killed himself following a long-running battle with Lewy Body dementia, leading many to pose the question: who was the real Robin Williams? – was he the eccentric, super-confident comedy genius that many grew up in adoration of or was that just another of his facades? HBO’s intimate, funny and yet ultimately heartbreaking documentary film explores the hidden side of Robin Williams’ life and celebrates an icon of the entertainment industry.


Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind – Tuesday 10:10pm on Sky Atlantic.