Preview – Robocop


Whether you’re a fan of the original 80s Robocop franchise or a newcomer looking for quick hit of sci-fi action, the 2014 reboot of the titular cyborg police officer has you covered, with a plot which is easy to follow and some good looking action sequences, while staying relatively accurate to its roots. While it lacks much depth, the film is easy going to an extent – despite director José Padilha’s thinly veiled attacks on social and political corrupion and capitalist imperialism – with the graphical effects making themselves spectacle enough to make them an enjoyable accompaniment to the film’s simplistic story.Robocop sets Joel Kinnaman in the lead role, while Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton and Samuel L. Jackson also feature.

In the year 2028, police detective Alex Murphy is critically injured in a car bomb explosion devised because of his involvement in an investigation into an orgnaised crime syndicate lead by boss, Antoine Vallon. Awaking in a laboratory owned by OmniCorp – a multinational corporate conglomorate leading the world in robotics technology and mechanical peacekeeping – under the watch of Dr Edward Norton (Oldman.) The doctor explains that the only way to save Murphy’s life was to put what remains of him into a metal body since more than half of his original one was destroyed in the explosion, referring to the detective now as Robocop. Amidst the political scheming of OmniCorp’s CEO (Keaton), Murphy is deployed in Detroit to reduce crime – which he does very well – however with so much time investigating organised crime in the city, he soon discovers that corruption in the city runs far deeper than just the criminal underworld.


Robocop – Thursday 10:00pm on Film4