Preview – Roof Racks and Hatchbacks: the Family Car

Morris Minor

A new series of Timeshift starts by delving into the archive, in order to examine the history of our relationship with cars designed for families.

It looks into the way that family cars have changed in order to suit our needs. It begins with the Morris Minor, the first British car to sell over a million units; followed by the Mini which came about due to a need for more economical cars following he Suez Crisis; and then the Ford Cortina, whose speed was useful as the motorway network expanded. Also featured in this programme are more recent cars like the Range Rover, and foreign cars like the VW Gold and the Volvo estate car.

The ideal car programme – for people who are getting tired of hearing from just either the Top Gear team of The Grand Tour team (i.e. the former Top Gear team).

Roof Racks and Hatchbacks: the Family Car is on BBC Four at 21.00.