Preview – Room 101

Room 101

Frank Skinner returns for a sixth series of the Orwellian comedy where guests try to get rid of their pet hates forever.

While it has been a success, there is still a part of me that hankers for the older version which was just a talk show with one guest, rather than having three guests and turning it into a panel show. You get the feeling the BBC were playing it safe by getting a range of guests, in case the Beeb thought that people were not going to tune in if the one and only guest was someone the viewers didn’t like. By having three guests, people are more likely to put up with someone they hate if there is also someone they like.

Tonight’s episode features Catherine Tate, Nigel Havers and Rylan Clark-Neal trying to banish hipster restaurants, minimiser bras and set-up paparazzi shots. Also, will Jeremy Corbyn join George Osborne and Margaret Thatcher among the politicians in Room 101?

Room 101 is on BBC One at 20.30.