Preview – Roots

Roots - Rege-Jean Page, T.I.

Truth be told, I haven’t enjoyed this series as much as I was expecting, but as this mini-series concludes tonight on BBC4, I’m sticking around for the finale.

The original 1970s adaptation, while soapy, was a much more involved work and offered better character development over the course of its run. That said, this 2016 four-parter has its own merits and has encapsulated the need of the enslaved Africans to hold on to their identity and sense of self far more effectively than its predecessor.

Returning to America after 20 years in England ‘Chicken’ George’ is finally a free man and finds his way back to Tom Lea’s dilapidated farm – only to find his family has been sold off. As secession and civil war brew George travels to a slave plantation in North Carolina and is reunited with his family who are owned by a staunch Confederate. As North and South battle for the nation’s soul, slaves and slavers and pitted against each other with brutal results.

Roots – Wednesday 9.00pm on BBC4.