Preview: Saint Maud

Morfydd Clark in Saint Maud

Network premiere of the Film4-backed, BAFTA-nominated psychological horror from writer-director Rose Glass.

Nurse Katie (Morfydd Clark) finds herself at a crossroads in both her personal life and career when a patient in her care dies after her attempts to give them CPR fail. She decides to make some wholesale changes, including becoming a devout Roman Catholic and even going so far as to change her name to Maud. She finds a job caring for a terminally ill atheist woman called Amanda (Jennifer Ehle), and resolves that her new mission in life is to not only provide palliative care to Amanda, but to also save her godless soul from an eternity with Satan.

This proves difficult, as Amanda shows that her true colours are a far cry from the ailing, friendly woman that Maud first encounters.

Saint Maud – Friday at 10.45 on FilmFour.

Image: © Courtesy of A24.