Preview: Sanditon

Sanditon - Augusta Markham (ELOISE WEBB) and Charlotte Heywood (ROSE WILLIAMS). Photographer: Joss Barratt

Friday night means Sanditon, the acclaimed drama based on Jane Austen’s final, unfinished novel.

Tonight, tension mounts for Charlotte (Rose Williams) when Colbourne (Ben Lloyd-Hughes) and Colonel Lennox finally reunite at Lady Denham’s annual Garden Party.  Georgiana learns a vital piece of information about her inheritance, and Alison’s much desired proposal nearly ends in tragedy. Edward attempts to exploit Clara’s predicament for his own ends as the army’s true colours are revealed.

Also stars Tom Weston Jones, Anne Reid, Jack Fox, Rosie Graham, Lily Sacofsky.

Sanditon – Friday at 9.00pm on ITV.

Image: Joss Barratt