Preview – SAS Rogue Warriors

SAS Rogue Warriors

In 1941, with the Allies on the back foot against Rommell’s Africa Korps, a young British army lieutenant managed to convince British military commanders in North Africa that small groups of highly-trained units operating behind enemy lines could have as big an effect on German and Italian forces as an entire Battalion using conventional tactics.

The officer was David Archibald Stirling, an aristocratic dreamer with ambitions of conquering Everest. He took handpicked men and formed the Special Air Service, now one of the world’s elite combat units.

With unprecedented access to the SAS secret files, unseen footage and exclusive interviews with its founding members, this series tells the remarkable story behind an extraordinary fighting force.

Tonight, the series begins with a look at the formation of the SAS in 1941. How a bored, eccentric young officer formed his own plans to take on the German and Italian forces with imaginative, radical and entirely against the rules.

SAS: Rogue Warriors Monday 9.00pm on BBC2.