Preview: Save Money – Good Diet

Phil Vickery

This week we continue our countdown of our top 10 favourite family dishes, and we challenge Chef Phil Vickery to wow us with his own super healthy, low cost and of course mouth-watering version.

Phil takes on one of our takeaway favourites – so which delicious dish will claim number 4 in our countdown this week? And it may be easy for Phil but this week triplets from Stourbridge see if they can follow Phil’s recipe to the letter in their own kitchen.

Sian investigates what’s money well spent in our shopping baskets – this week Sian and Nutrition Therapist Ian Marber look at non-dairy alternatives to the good old pint of milk. Can almond, soya and oat milk compete with regular milk in both nutrition and cost?

We also look at vegan snacks in the grab and go sections of Café Nero, Starbucks and Costa.

Nutrition Therapist Ian Marber looks at breakfast cereals to give his guide to the best and worst of the best sellers.

And we’ll be asking, is it possible to get a taste of luxury at affordable prices? This time it’s a summer cocktail favourite – Pimms. Our group of trusty taste testers will take part in a blind taste test pitching Pimms against a supermarket own brand. Which will get their taste buds tingling?

Save Money: Good Diet – Tuesday at 7.30pm on ITV.