Preview – Save Money: Good Food

Susanna Reid, Matt Tebbutt - Good Food: Save Money

A shocking amount of money is spent on  food each week, with an incredibly high percentage of this ending up in the bin. Susanna Reid and Chef Matt Tebbutt are on a mission to combat wastage and save money, revealing the truth about cheap food and offer everyday saving hacks.

Tonight we meet Paula and Ian Laycock and their four sons, who are struggling under the pressure of their expensive eating habits.

Susanna and Matt are keen to help offering easy and cheap recipe ideas – one of which being foot long pizza planks that cost just 60p per head and use veg that would have otherwise been thrown away.

Whilst Matt puts the Laycock kitchen to good use, Susanna sets out to discover whether online shopping is good or bad for our bank balance and puts three strawberry jam brands to the test.

Save Money: Good Food, Tuesday, 7.30pm – ITV

Image: ITV