Preview: Save Money – Good Health

Save Money: Good Health

The new series kicks off with a summer travel special. With cases of skin cancer on the rise, it’s essential we use the right suncream. Sian discovers what we should be looking for on the bottle and whether cheap supermarket own bottles can offer as much protection as more expensive branded products. 

Dr Ranj pulls together the ultimate travel health kit for all the family for just £26 from pain relief to inspect repellents. 

We also look at travel sickness. A quarter to a third of us could suffer from motion sickness but does anything work? We look at some old wives tales and some hot off the press gadgetry. 

The UK spends £442 million every year on vitamin supplements. So each week we’ll bring you the Save Money Guide to some of the essential vitamins and minerals and explore the most effective and best value for money ways to hit your quotas. This week it’s Magnesium. 

Save Money – Good Health – Tuesday at 7.30pm on ITV.