Preview: Save Well, Spend Better

Save Well Spend Better - Emmanuel Asuquo, Anna Williamson, Ann Wilson and Bianca Miller-Cole

Money is the number one cause of relationship breakdown in the UK. Talking about our finances is just not British. But that’s about to change as this new show opens the doors to the Save Well, Spend Better hub – a unique space where partners, friends, siblings, young adults and parents with money worries can come clean to their loved ones and get help from a handpicked team of experts.

The team includes award-winning entrepreneur Bianca Miller Cole, global wealth consultant Ann Wilson, financial advisor Emmanuel Asuquo and life coach Anna Williamson. Together they get finances and relationships back on track.

In this episode, entrepreneur Angela confesses to her mum that she’s drowning in so much debt she could lose not only her business but also her home. And married couple Emma and Paul go head to head in the hub over property investment – while Paul is trying to please all the women in his life, Emma thinks he should put her first for once.

Save Well, Spend Better – Monday at 8.30pm on Channel 4.