Preview: Searching for Sugar Man

Searching for Sugar Man
Rodriguez stalks the streets of Chicago. Photo: Studio Canal

In this one-of-a-kind documentary by Malik Bendjelloul, we follow a pair of South African music fans as they set out to find the mysterious ‘Sugar Man’ or Rodriguez.

Despite not making a single wave in the US or European market during the 60s and 70s, Rodriguez’ records, through sheer opportunity, managed to dominate the market of apartheid-era South Africa.

As legend has it, he was an enigmatic folk figure, like an anti-Bob Dylan in the Chicago area, who, after becoming frustrated at the world, committed suicide by self-immolation on stage. The two fans set out to learn if this story, and the countless others that surround the icon, have any truth to them…

Searching for Sugar Man – Saturday at 7.10pm on SkyDocumentaries