Preview – Second Chance Summer: Tuscany

Second Chance Summer: Tuscany

Three weeks into their new Tuscan life, and the adventure seeking group are doing well with the success of their Bed & Breakfast guests last week. On what feels like a winning streak, they decide to open a restaurant at La Banditaccia, and welcome their first paying customers.

To get a feel for the flavour of Tuscany and in search of some inspiration for their own restaurant, some of the group head to Florence to marvel at what local food markets have on offer, before heading back to their farm to host a dinner for some locals – any excuse to practice their Italian.

Having completed their first grape harvest, the group turn their attention to the next big challenge, their olive crop – a crop that is under threat when a fly-attack hits the local region.

With a less than smooth restaurant opening, and the unpredictable nature of farm life, some start to realise that the experience of rural life is tougher than expected.

Second Chance Summer: Tuscany, Wednesday, 9pm – BBC Two

Image: BBC