Preview – Second Chance Summer: Tuscany

Second Chance Summer: Tuscany

Dreaming of a starting a new life in the idyllic Tuscany countryside, five men and five women embark on a journey of a lifetime, flying to Tuscany to live together and test whether this is the kind of life for them.

From the makers of The Real Marigold Hotel, this show will follow in a similar suit. The group will have to settle into their new surrounding, whilst getting to know one another and will be tasked with activities that will test their dedication to a new life in the sun.

As they settle into La Banditaccia in the foothills of Mount Amiata, the group set out to meet a local farmer. As they are guided around his estate – which includes a vineyard, olive grove and restaurant possibilities – they begin to understand the potential, yet enormity, of the challenge ahead.

As well as tackling their first Merlot grape harvest, the adventure seeking bunch must integrate with the locals, trying out their basic Italian, and throw themselves into the local culture.

As the cast get to know one another and their new surroundings, they reflect on their personal ambitions and begin to rediscover what really matters.

Second Chance Summer: Tuscany, Wednesday, 9pm – BBC Two