Preview – Secret Life of Dogs

Secret Life of Dogs

A day when everyone could do with some puppy love, the second episode of ITV’s Secret Life of Dogs is dedicated to heartwarming stories of working dogs.

Analysing scientific evidence, it is revealed that that the animal’s super senses can help humans in their work and how the future of working dogs may be due to their emotional intelligence.

In California, surf dog Ricochet and her love of the ocean has lead to her becoming a therapeutic dog and she now uses her talent to encourage those with disabilities and special needs to try the sport.

Over in Ohio we meet Midge, the world’s first police Chihuahua, who has spent the last 10-years with County Sheriff, Dan McClelland. Midge uses her size to her advantage and aided by her nose that is sensitive enough to detect 10 different types of narcotic, she goes where no dog has gone before.  

Collies have been used for centuries as trusted sheep dogs but how is it they learn to fight their natural instinct to kill the sheep and protect them instead? It’s not just their superior vision that makes dogs ideal workers, scientists have discovered that dogs’ long noses are packed with more than 200 million scent receptor cells whereas humans only have five million.

Tonight we also meet the breeds of dogs labeled as some of the world’s best swimming canines. Mother-of-four Toni was saved by a Newfoundland dog after getting caught in a rip current and Norwegian huskies have proved – thanks to their swimming skills – they can survive in environments where humans could not.  

Secret Life of Dogs, Tuesday, 9pm – ITV