Preview: Serengeti Episode 4

Preview: Serengeti Episode 4
Image Credit: BBC/John Downer

In this episode, the long awaited arrival of the Great Migration brings opportunities and food in abundance but it also increases conflict as every one of the Serengeti’s families is put to the test. Tragedy strikes for lioness Kali who is forced to make one of the most difficult decisions of her life. Can she return to the pride who once forced her out? Whatever she decides, it will put her cubs in danger. Shani, the zebra mother, has no choice but to cross the river, but the crocodile is waiting and the currents are treacherous. Will her foal survive? Bakari is finally forced to challenge the jealous leader of the baboon troop, but the violence of their confrontation leaves Bakari facing a devastating decision that will change his destiny. The wild dog family, led by male Jasari, is also facing a battle when Zalika and her clan of hyenas declare war on the young family, hoping to force them out of their territory. A long running feud begins… When teenage elephant Tembo behaves badly and falls out with another herd, his mother Nalla has to decide his future. How will both Nalla and Tembo handle the difficult decisions they are forced to make?

Serengeti is on at 8.00pm on BBC One

Image Credit:BBC/John Downer