Preview – Serial Killer: With Piers Morgan

Serial Killer

Another instalment in ITV’s Crime and Punishment season, Serial Killer – presented by Piers Morgan – delves into the darkest recesses of human morality and explores what it means to be a serial killer.

Over the course of this hour long documentary, the host, Piers Morgan comes face to face with one of the most prolific American serial killers of the modern era; a seemingly ordinary man by the name of Lorenzo Gilyard – but one who terrorised the streets of Kansas city for over two decades claiming the lives of 13 people before finally being caught.

As Morgan lays out the horror of his crimes, the softly spoken Lorenzo Gilyard appears to have an answer for everything. Until eventually he runs out of excuses and reveals his true nature.

As Piers investigates this disturbing case he meets the daughter of one of Gilyard’s victims whose entire adult life has been defined by the brutal murder of her mother; he meets Gilyard’s neighbours and colleagues who never suspected a thing and meets the detectives who finally brought this serial killer to justice.


Serial Killer: With Piers Morgan – Thursday 9:00pm on ITV