Preview: Seven Ages of Starlight

Seven Ages of Starlight
Rupert Graves narrates this documentary, compiling scientists from all over the world. Photo: BBC

The task of charting the stars has been a tale as old as time. Human beings have forever been captivated by our place in the universe, and in this documentary, we can learn some of that story.

From seeing the sun and stars in the night sky as giants and gods, to a secular, mathematical model of the stars – this programme returns to seeing these phenomena as their own characters, with histories, names and individual roles to play in the cosmos. Not least, the stars had a vital role in creating us, matter and life could not exist without them.

Some bloated red giants, capable of gobbling up entire planets, or others dying into a supernova, and of course, stars like our sun that are still in their prime; each forge the building blocks of all the elements we hold dear. Now is the time for their spotlight.

Seven Ages of Starlight – Sunday at 11pm on BBC Four