Preview: Seven Worlds, One Planet

David Attenborough narrates glimpses of beauty, such as this fish that has learned to collect fruit. Photo: BBC Pictures

A composition of the most breathtaking moments from the Seven Worlds, One Planet series, condensed into a single show. From each corner of the world comes a fascinating natural tale, highlighting the diversity of life and the unique adaptations thousands of animals have made.

The seven distinct continents have their own personalities, and each one hides its own remarkable wildlife. We see the weird wilderness of Australia, the awesome size and scale of Asia, the sacred sights of Africa, the hidden treasures of Europe, the pioneering animals of North America, and the innovative designs of South America.

With a final trip to frozen Antarctica, we dive into the depths and scale the icy glaciers. Wherever you go, life finds a way to survive, even in the harshest of conditions; but as you may be aware, the biggest common threat to life on all continents is reckless human activity.

Seven Worlds, One Planet – Sunday at 3.40pm on BBC One