Preview: Sex Actually with Alice Levine

Sex Actually with Alice Levine

Alice continues to explore the sex lives of others, discovering out-of-the-ordinary love stories from across the world.

In this Louis Theroux-produced series, Alice approaches contemporary taboos with her trademark curiosity, humour and warmth, as she asks what we can learn from those pushing the boundaries of intimacy, or those finding new and exciting ways of experiencing the erotic.

Alice not only peeks behind the curtains of homes across Britain, but also travels to the kinkiest parts of Europe and the USA – as she delves into previously unseen territory to unpack some of our deepest and darkest desires. In this first episode, Alice dives into new, advanced technologies that could be what sex and relationships will look like in the future.

In Berlin, Alice meets a couple who opened the world’s first cyber-brothel, populated by talking sex dolls. She heads to Las Vegas to witness the next generation of sex-robots. Alice also meets a couple whose relationship exists in a virtual ‘furry’ universe, but who are about to risk it all, taking their love affair offline and moving across the world to be together IRL (In Real Life).

Sex Actually with Alice Levine

Monday at 10.00pm on Channel 4.

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