Preview: Sex Actually with Alice Levine

Alice Levine isn’t afraid to get out there and ask the questions other people won’t. Photo: Channel 4

In episode 2 of the bodily odyssey, Alice dives into the world of kink in the lives of modern Brits. Whether they do it for pure pleasure, money or seeking spiritual enlightenment, sex means something different for every new person Alice meets.

Alice wants to learn more about the world of BDSM – bondage, domination and sado-masochism; the power play of the practice is more than just about excitement and pleasure, its about trust.

In Wales, she meets photographer (and dom) Hywel, and Joceline, a model (and sub) who first got together on a photo-shoot, and now earn a living making videos for others. In London, dominatrix Madam Storm hosts classes for curious women.

Alice meets Georgia who has just entered into her first sub-dom relationship, but what does it mean for a relationship when kink isn’t just confined to the bedroom?

Sex Actually – Wednesday at 10pm on Channel 4