Preview – Shaun of the Dead

Shaun of the Dead

Witness the genesis of the “three flavour cornetto” trilogy, Shaun of the Dead, in this post-apocalyptic parody of 2004’s hit horror flick, Dawn of the Dead, and the zombie genre in general. Starring iconic British comedy duo Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as Shaun and Ed respectively – two video-game loving couch potatoes who find themselves embroiled in a zombie apocalypse which seems as though it’s been taken right out of a Hollywood movie – the film also features Bill Nighy as Shaun’s step-dad Phillip and Penelope Wilton as Shaun’s mother Barbara while Martin Freeman features in a brief cameo role.

Waking up to a national epidemic which causes its victims to become brainless zombie-like creatures, a lazy underachiever, Shaun, finds himself living in a situation straight out of a videogame with his best friend and avid couch-potato Ed. As he devises a plan to survive, the pair soon realise that zombie apocalypses aren’t all they’re made out to be and they must wisen up quickly to their new environment if they are to stand a chance at survival. As the pair traverses the city streets – now writhing with the infected – in search of their friends and family, they must use any means necessary to get the people they care about out of harm’s way. Can Shaun save his doubting girlfriend, Liz – who recently broke up with him on account of his laziness and deadbeat attitude to life – and win her heart back?

Shaun of the Dead – 11:15pm on ITV.