Preview – Shipwrecked


The comeback season of the popular reality-TV series, Shipwrecked, comes to its climax this week as the two tribes face-off in a tense finale which will see the victors sail away with the £50,000 prize.

If you’re unfamiliar with the show, it’s essentially just typical reality-TV fare set out on two adjacent desert islands. The series follows two groups of ridiculously photogenic twenty-somethings as they are cast-away on two separate islands and categorised into two rival tribes; Sharks and Tigers. From there, it becomes a ruthless popularity contest as both tribes try to entice new arrivals into join their respective camps with the winners being the most-popular group.

Tonight’s finale sees the tribes’ actions over the past couple of weeks come to fruition in an emotional final beach-party. After a series of shock-eliminations and dramatic-twists saw fractures appear in the Tigers’ camp, will they be able to rally together to snatch victory from the Sharks or will they leave the islands in defeat?

Shipwrecked – Friday 9:00pm on E4.