Preview – Shop Well for Less

Shop Well For Less

With many of us Britons feeling the pinch in our pockets for food, rent and other essentials, the necessity for budgeting, opportunism and a sense of pragmatism is becoming a reality for thousands of households across the UK and that’s exactly what the latest series of BBC’s Shop Well for Less sets out to remedy.

Presenters Alex Jones and Steph McGovern travel to Caerphilly in South Wales to visit Liam and Emma Ingram who are feeling the pinch financially as they struggle to makes ends meet in caring for themselves and their five children. Though money’s tight following the family’s surprise baby boom, Liam and Emma’s taste for big-name brands is only making matters worse and Alex and Steph must shock them into being smarter with what little money they have.

Shop Well for Less – Wednesday 8:00pm on BBC1.