Preview: Sick of It

Karl Pilkington _ Sick of It

Kicking off series two of this the critically-acclaimed comedy drama, we have a double bill of episodes – The Biscuit and The En-Suite.

Karl and his eternally grumpy internal alter-ego serve up more  helpings of humorous philosophising after Aunt Norma replaces him with a young sparky care worker called Ruby. It triggers a bout of soul searching about how little he’s achieved in his life and Karl being Karl, he seeks to rectify this by bingeing on biscuits before attempting to dislodge Ruby in Norma’s affections.

Then, after being locked out the bathroom by Norma and Ruby, Karl decides to upgrade his job by moving into personal chauffeuring. The aim – to earn enough money to move out of Norma’s into his own flat with his own en-suite bathroom.

Preview: Sick of It – Friday at 10.00pm on Sky One and NowTV.