Preview – Silent Witness

Silent Witness

Part two of Remembrance. Lead investigator DI Heather Ashton is furious with Nikki (Emilia Fox) for speaking to Ali, and accuses her of divulging sensitive information about the case. Feeling responsible for her actions, Nikki looks back over the evidence relating to the Ruth case to give herself some closure.

Meanwhile Clarissa (Liz Carr) gains access to messages from Lorna sent to her ex-boyfriend Kieran before she died, leading Jack to an old boatyard. He discovers an old teenage hangout, complete with the red sofa that featured in younger pictures of Lorna and Kieran. He also discovers an inspection pit on the floor where Ruth’s body had been hidden but now mysteriously removed.

With the river killer still on the loose, the team must work quickly to untangle the crimes of the past.

Silent Witness – Wednesday 9.00pm on BBC One.