Preview – Sitting in Limbo

Sitting in Limbo

With widespread anti-racist activism dominating western society at the moment – and rightly so – the BBC launches a brand-new docudrama following the Windrush scandal and its effect on the life of one man. Novelist Stephen S. Thompson turns his brother’s traumatic experiences into an extremely personal and moving exploration of injustice. 

Anthony Bryan had lived in Britain since he was 8 years old but, after applying for a passport to visit his elderly mother in Jamaica, found his life turned on its head as he learnt that there was no record of him as a British citizen. Forced to leave his job and evicted from his own home, the Windrush scandal thrust Anthony into limbo, leaving him questioning the justice system, his loyalties to a country he called home and his very identity. 

Sitting in Limbo – Monday 8:30pm on BBC One.